Slow Spicy Curatorial Practices: Kick-off

6 – 11 June 2015


Date: 6 – 11 June 2015
Venue: Connecting Space Hong Kong (Directions)


A 5-day workshop was organised in Hong Kong to “kick-off a 100 years of cooperation between Hong Kong and Zurich” in the project “Slow Spicy Curatorial Practices“. The team initiated different collaborative settings to question the different formats of caring that involved the different aspects of intangible value, mobility and caring, researching on two of the oldest socio-economical neighborhoods in Hong Kong – North Point and Sam Shui Po.

About Slow Spicy Curatorial Practices

“Slow Spicy Curatorial Practices” assembled a team from Zurich and Hong Kong to formulate, share questions, urgencies and working curatorial practices, in the hopes to cooperate with other existing or up coming formats and spaces. Referencing the etymological sense of “curate” (lat. curare – to take care of), the team attempts to extend the action of ‘taking care’ to that of hospitality, of sharing, and of care to enable a space of collaboration.