Hazy Thursdays: Autumn Moon 《秋月》

28 May 2015
Moving Images

Autumn Moon


Date and Time: 28 May 2015 (Thursday), 7:30pm
Venue: Connecting Space Hong Kong (Directions)

Directed by: Clara Law
Hong Kong | Color | 1992 | 108min | In Cantonese with English Subtitles

Autumn Moon explores the anxiety of Hong Kong facing the Handover by narrating in a very sensitive way the encounter of a teenage Hong Kong girl about to immigrate to Canada and a young Japanese tourist freshly arrived in Hong Kong. The movie leads us to the inner world of those who travel and migrate, exposing their fear of loosing their own roots.


“Hazy Sundays” is a monthly screening programme curated by Chantal Wong, Nuria Krämer and friends. Through presenting a range of handpicked films by cultural figures in Hong Kong,”Hazy Sundays” seeks to show the various perspectives on identity construction in relation to history and the changing economic and politic situations in urban cities like Hong Kong. “Hazy Sundays” looks at the junction of artistic creation and cinema, media politics, identity and site in an approachable way, inviting members of the public and movie aficionados to engage in social dialogues, re-examining the relationships between the self and the culture.

All screening sessions are open to public and free of charge.