Art & Community: Research Workshop

Research Workshop: Art & Community

4th April 2014, 5 to 8 pm
Connecting Space Hong Kong, 18-20 Fort Street, North Point, Hong Kong

How do artistic practices involve into the social, political or cultural communities of cities? Who does benefit in which ways? And why are such Art & Community projects initiated?
The presenters and discussants invited to this discussion round are actively involved in Art & Community projects. Using concrete examples, various understandings of Art & Community involvement, the diversity of notions of art, forms and formats of art practice, and concepts of the community, the city, and the media landscape are discussed.

Mee Ping Leung - Nkule Mabaso

Our questions

  • Which community is involved?
  • How is the community involved?
  • What kind of art strategies, formats and forms are used?
  • Which issues does the art examined/your art focuse on?
  • Who is/are the artist(s)?
  • Who does benefit in which ways from your Art & Community projects?
  • Why were the Art & Community project(s) initiated?
  • Do you consider your Art & Community projects as art in the community, art with the community, art as a community development strategy? Why? Do you see your project(s) in any other way?
  • Which functional aspects of art are involved?
  • What is the visual output?
  • Where and for whom is the visual output visible?
  • Are your Art & Community projects linked to specific discourses? Theories? Please name them.



Archive as Verb

by Chantal Wong
Head of the Strategy & Special Projects at the Asia Art Archive (AAA), a nonprofit library and organization dedicated to documenting contemporary art in Asia.

A brief mapping of art & community in Zurich

by Annemarie Bucher
Curator, art and landscape theorist, member of the teaching and research faculties at Zurich University of the Arts and ETH Zürich/Switzerland, co-founder FOA-FLUX. She has contributed to both the theory and practice of art in public spheres since the 1980s.

Public in Art, Art for the Public – a critique of Public art practices in India

by Meera Curam
Artist, textile designer, member of the teaching and research faculty at Srishti, School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore/India. She has long-standing experience of art – community – cultural heritage projects embedded in higher education.

Activating the Local

by Nkule Mabaso
Nkule Mabaso is a curator and founder of Newcastle Creative Network/South Africa. She is currently a research student at Postgraduate Programme in Curating, Zurich University of the Arts. Later this year she will pursue her PhD research at the University of Reading (UK).


by liina klauss
Liina klauss is a German-born artist and activist working on overconsumption and waste. Her environmental-art-activities include communal beach curating and clean-up on Lantau, Hong Kong.


by Leila Peacock
Leila Peacock is an artist, essayist, and guest editor of the Camenzind Belgrade, a journal on architectur and urbanism from the perspective of architects, musicians, artists, physicists, civil engineers, art historians, economists. She is currently on the MA Fine Arts Programme, Zurich University of the Arts.


Ian Leung Wai Yin
Programme Manager, Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Lee Chun Fung
Artist, core member of Wooferten continous working group, a non-profit art organization funded by Hong Kong Art Development Council.

Mee Ping Leung
Artist and assistant professor at Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Ng Ka Chun
Artist and member of the rural artist group: MUDwork.


Dominique Lämmli
Artist, philosopher, member of teaching and research faculties at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), co-founder FOA-FLUX.
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